Mood Follows Actions

Science says, “mood 👉🏼 actions.” If woo woo is your thing, then “what we do is what we are.”

Growth junkies hack this to level up. #bossbetter bosses use this to max out their teams.

When I first got to China, I had to host weekly meetings in Mandarin. My Mandarin was crap. I dreaded the next meeting the moment I got through the last one.

My boss would give me additional tasks: “Send me your agenda before Friday.” Or “check in with Blake and get his thoughts first.” Or “I have budget for coffee and snacks for your next meeting. Get everyone’s favorite morning drink.”

I hated these tasks because I thought he was micro-managing me. But then, I started to realise he was nudging me to use actions to manipulate my mood. Whenever I felt stuck, doing something would keep me moving.

As Stanford Neuroscientist Dr. Andrew Huberman said, “Behavior first, thoughts, feelings and perceptions follow.” ⁦So perhaps the most important attribute to getting things done, is simply “show up and do things.”