Filters on Hiring

Inevitably, all my clients and I converge on one topic. Hiring. Because hiring is hard. It’s such a crapshoot. 🎲 In addition to traditional questions, there are filters that my clients resonate with well. These questions improve: – How we interview candidates – Alignment on candidates assessment – onboarding experience Filter 1: “When you are… Continue reading Filters on Hiring

Bossing For A Peaceful World

Two roles lead to world peace. Great parents* and great bosses. Don’t go yet. Hear me out. The stories we tell ourselves determine our contentment and effectiveness in life: We tell ourselves stories. We all do this. It’s as natural as breathing. Hence the goal in life, is not to stop self talks. Don’t fight… Continue reading Bossing For A Peaceful World

A Director Dragged Me Out Of The Room

We were setting up the quarterly trade show, where hundreds of buyers would come and review the newest sneakers and apparel. We rented a convention centre, littered the rooms with life size posters of Marion Jones and Roger Federer running, swinging. Sneakers were displayed on beige panels. Mannequins that had 6 pack abs wore tight… Continue reading A Director Dragged Me Out Of The Room

How Bruce Lee’s Correct Posture Help Me Lead

As a Bruce Lee worshiper, I use his teachings to approach my work life. 1st, Bruce Lee on “correct posture🥋:” Correct posture 1 = To be “mechanically favorable for the next move:” What does “favourable” mean in the people, systems, and processes of my business? How agile are they? Which of those can I afford… Continue reading How Bruce Lee’s Correct Posture Help Me Lead

Are You Distracting Your Teams?

Boss, what is your “signal to noise” ratio? Do you tend to focus or distract your team? We are all familiar with the typical distractions …– Boss’ rants– Drawing attention to ourselves– Derailing the agenda with poorly timed statements – “Let me jump in.”– Asking your team if they have liked your #bossbetter LinkedIn posts There are… Continue reading Are You Distracting Your Teams?

What Kills Our Team’s Creativity?

Our opinions. Including our “just a thought” “just my 2 cent” opinions. According to science, the “information gap theory of curiosity” discovers that in order for humans to want to search for more, to push forward, we need a little gap between what we know and what we don’t know. Because this special gap invites… Continue reading What Kills Our Team’s Creativity?

The Discipline of 1-on-1s

Here is a hack that improved my approachability (as a boss) 🤨 “Monthly 30 minutes 1-on-1s with every one of your direct reports” During these 1-on-1s, talk about these 3 things: What each other did this last month What’s important to them this upcoming month and anything they need to accomplish them? “Here is something… Continue reading The Discipline of 1-on-1s

Raise The Bar?

Let’s talk about the “bar.” You know, the “raise the bar,” “set high bars,” the “definition of excellence” bar. We have been told we need to set the bars high. While this is true, frankly, it is as useless as telling a smoker “you have to be healthy!” Here are 2 techniques to raise the… Continue reading Raise The Bar?

If You Want To Be Great At Something, Get A Coach

Serena Williams has been with the same Tennis coach since 2012. In this TED Talk surgeon Atul shared that he had a coach watching him cut people open. Shopify’s CEO Tobias Lütke decided to hire a team of coaches for himself and his leaders. What coaches do “is they are your external eyes and ears,… Continue reading If You Want To Be Great At Something, Get A Coach

How You Make Them Feel

“I love you?” He asked.  “I guess not.”  He was respected by many. I found him manipulative.  He was the kind of bosses who would go full-on “Maya Angelou” and preach, “It’s how you make people feel!” Yet somehow, I would always feel good after chatting with him, after being in meetings with him, even… Continue reading How You Make Them Feel