Raise The Bar?

Let’s talk about the “bar.”

You know, the “raise the bar,” “set high bars,” the “definition of excellence” bar.

We have been told we need to set the bars high. While this is true, frankly, it is as useless as telling a smoker “you have to be healthy!”

Here are 2 techniques to raise the bar of your bar game.

1) Individualise the “bars”

We all learn and progress at different pace. At the same time, sustained motivation comes from completing hard things repeatedly.

If my bar is the same bar as Michael Jordan’s bar, my chance of missing this bar is 100%. I will forever feel like a failure, and it will be very hard for me to sustain the motivation to grow.

Therefore the great leaders know how to set the right bars for each of their team members. We should aim at bars that are just outside of our comfort zones- little knolls that we have a chance to scale.

Complimentarily, leaders need to work on their ability to adjust the bars.

Progress is never a smooth- Ups and downs, one step forward 3 steps back, blah. It’s easy to say, “Here is your bar, hit it.”

Skilled bosses don’t “Set it and forget it.” They know when and how to adjust the bars so they are always just hard enough.

Hone your craft: set, raise, and lower bars like a pro. Raise your #bossbetter bar.