I Am Not A Natural Leader (And That’s Great)

“Do not envy those who seem to be naturally gifted.” I am a slow learner and am socially very awkward. Back in college, I was the concert master of the school orchestra. I was very uncomfortable under the spot light. During our first performance, I decided to tilt my head sideways the entire time I… Continue reading I Am Not A Natural Leader (And That’s Great)

Don’t Just Give the Why: Give Context.

Don’t just give the why. Give context instead. It’s a more useful leadership skill. Why? Well, often we need to move goalposts in order to get after the why. Giving context is a good way to justify goalposts moving to our teams. What’s the difference between giving the why vs giving context? When we explain… Continue reading Don’t Just Give the Why: Give Context.

Don’t Ask “How Do You Prefer to Receive Feedback?”

What’s the best way to tell someone they are doing a shxtty job? Some say a good way is to ask, “How do you prefer to receive feedback?” This doesn’t work, because most people would just answer “give it to me straight.” “Give it to me straight” is the “right” answer. Think about it. Who… Continue reading Don’t Ask “How Do You Prefer to Receive Feedback?”

Your Illegal Performance Enhancement Drug

I always thought I ran faster with my new Nike running shoes. Actually, I did. A study* found that participants who were made to believe that they were given Nike Golf clubs, required fewer strokes to successfully complete a golf putt, compared to others who thought they were using clubs by Starter (a cheap ass… Continue reading Your Illegal Performance Enhancement Drug

Pick 1: 4 Core Leadership Skills

Thinking about becoming a better leader? Start with 1 of these 4 skills – 4 core leadership skills according to Peter Drucker: Communication.Teamwork.Self-development. Development of others. Now pick 1.  You see, most of the time, it’s about WHAT you put your time into. Too many of us spend too much time hopping from one skill to… Continue reading Pick 1: 4 Core Leadership Skills

What Skills Are You Working On?

Can you name what you are actually working on? Most of us can’t, especially when it comes to work skills. Here are 3 skills you may consider putting time into: sell tell stories herd genius We are all Sales:In life, you are constantly selling. You can break “selling” into sub-skills, such as negotiation, influencing, empathetic… Continue reading What Skills Are You Working On?

Happiness & Resilience

“A human being is not one in pursuit of happiness but rather in search of a reason to become happy” Viktor Frankl Remember this for ourselves, and if you get to lead people, remember this for them too. You will end up with a far more resilient team.

Enough With The Why

This is my favorite quote. “If more information was the answer, we’d all be billionaires with 6 pack abs.” Examples of excessive “information”:“Be vulnerable”“Sleep well”“Start with why”“Lead, don’t manage”“Exercise”“Be kind”“Active listening”“Attentive listening”“Reflective listening”“Be grateful”“Growth mindset”“Radical candor”“Empathy” Think about it.  You already get the why.You also have more than enough what to work on. What you need… Continue reading Enough With The Why