Reframing Touchy Feely Emotions

Let’s continue our journey to explore the dark arts of #reframing.

Let’s approach today’s dysfunctional thought a little differently.

In addition to rational alternative perspectives, we can always tap into the feeling side of our brain’s sense-making mechanism. In fact, often times, this permission to allow ourselves to “let it (our thinking mind) go” is precisely what we need, when we spiral into our own thoughts:

“I’m stuck.”

I am meant to get stuck. This is a pause. It’s telling me something ain’t right.

Being stuck = extra room to listen differently.
Being stuck = extra time to look differently.
Being stuck = extra space to gather perspectives.

It’s an invitation to innovate, to tap into our creativity.
To unleash our curiosity, to be excited, to be delighted, to be in awe.

“I’m stuck. Alrighty, time to #bossbetter !”