Progress is Not Enough

Which route are you on? Many say we should focus on the process and enjoy the progress, instead of just the results. Better everyday. Continuous improvement. #bossbetter

I say this is insufficient.

My daughter surely enjoys the process of practicing her violin. She has been making progress too. She has been sounding crap for a long time, and she is only sounding marginally less crap. But her playing is still atrocious.

Whenever I just cruised along and made minimal progress, I ended up jobless/lost my company. The missing element for this to work? Excellence.

I don’t know if there is a universal definition of excellence, but I surely know when we ask ourselves how to be excellent, we are more likely to be less crap faster.

I also know that when we focus on progress that embodies the desire to be excellent, we are more likely trying our best.

Of course, there is the other route: be the best, which means aiming at results that are definitively better than all competitions.

So, which route are you on?