Act 1: The Get Shxt Done Tribe

For almost a year our store was like this, day after day. There were endless chaos. From customers to teammates, everyone was drenched in stench and dread.

Hank’s specialty was motivation at scale. During those long days, Hank was the reason we endured. Everyday, he would hit the floor and do his magic. He fanned the fire in people, created purpose out of thin air and dragged the entire team with him. He probably could get a forest of dead trees to twerk if there’s ever a need for that.

One morning, we were desperate- customers were complaining, teammates called in sick in droves. “I got this.” Hank said, and he managed to get everyone excited around … new paper shopping bags.
GSDers are priceless- A problem? They fix it. Shit hit the fan? They wipe the room clean and invent a splash proof fan. An angry customer? They have the candies ready.

Yet, most folks I’ve talked to lament that true GSDers were hard to come by. Yes, there are true GSDers. They are called founders, entrepreneurs. For the rest of us, we are GSDers too! The difference? Most of us are specialised GSDers.

Hank may be great at cheerleading, but don’t ask him to create a 3 months plan. He can’t get that done.

#bossbetter and see the unique GSDers in each of us.