Filters on Hiring

Inevitably, all my clients and I converge on one topic.


Because hiring is hard. It’s such a crapshoot. 🎲

In addition to traditional questions, there are filters that my clients resonate with well.

These questions improve:

– How we interview candidates

– Alignment on candidates assessment

– onboarding experience

Filter 1:

“When you are hiring someone, you are changing the team”

Points to consider:

1. How do we want to change the team? What skills or personalities or dynamics does our team need?

2. How will this person change the team?

3. How well do the answers to Q1 and Q2 overlaps?

Filter 2:

“Would we be proud of this person if this person is representing us?”

“Will we be okay if this person is the person to pick up the phone and talk to a customer?”

Points to consider:

1. If there are gaps, are they teachable?

2. Do we have the right people to teach these skills?

This is critical because more often than not, candidates actually can learn how to express our culture and represent us. They just need to learn. Sadly many of us either don’t realise we need to teach, or do not have anyone that knows how to teach.

Have fun, hire better, and #bossbetter