Can I Coach Losers?

I love what I do because I get to have invigorating conversations with my clients. But this is a looming threat. I don’t think I am growing.

My clients self-select. These are folks who understand the value of coaching. They are people who are willing to pay to get yelled at … They are committed to work on themselves. They want to #bossbetter.

Hence, I no longer get to coach losers.

The ability to coach losers is a cardinal leadership skill. When I was in the corporate world, I was constantly challenged with how to deal with under-performing / dispirited employees.

Other than firing them, I had to find ways to motivate those who had given up on themselves, those who had lost faith in “management,” etc. I had to work on pointing people to see their own potential and giving them crutches to re-learn.

I had to convince them of my intentions, that I was their coach even though I was also their referee.

I had to develop the mental fortitude (and frankly, faith) to stick around when they fell, failed, and fled.

“Great leaders unveil the winners in losers.” I used to have to do this every day. It was impossible to only have winners in teams of hundreds.

I don’t get to work on this anymore. I am anxious. I need to work on this.

Need to turn someone around? Call me.