Make Meetings Suck Less

It’s Monday, the day of endless meetings. You will be enduring meetings and someone is going to be enduring your meetings. You are the conductor of your meetings. Let’s #bossbetter and make this week the week our meetings begin to suck marginally less.

1. ‍Getting everyone up to speed
We often spend way too much time on aligning agenda, listening to each others’ updates, instead of dissecting, debating and deciding. Everyone is in the same time-space continuum, so we should focus on tasks that make the best use of this precious cosmic moment. Getting everyone up to speed is NOT one of those tasks, because we can get up to speed ahead of time.

2. Force Preparation
If you can’t get people to pre-read before a meeting, turn the first 15% of a meeting into a study hall, where everyone read the updates and prepare their questions and thoughts.

3. ‍”I agree”
We have all been in meetings with folks that do this: “Yea, I agree with David. I think his idea is good because it is a good idea. I think a good idea is important because it is a good idea to have a good idea.” That needs to stop. Convince your team that it is okay to not kiss . We should default silence as consent, so we get everyone to focus on dissecting, debating and deciding.