The Leadership Skill We Should All Hone

More often than not, confusion roots in somebody not saying something that needs to be said, or not saying it in a way that can be heard.

Jerry Colonna

I believe the leadership skill that every leader should hone is relating.

Consider books. Thousands of books are written on a topic, and thousands more are being written on that same topic. 

Why? Because we relate very differently to different concepts, ideas, stories.

Some people find the Little Prince life changing while I find it comical.

I loved leadership quotes from Simon Sinek and wanted to tattoo them onto my belly. But I didn’t, because my wife hated these quotes and reminded me while love was unconditional, marriage was conditional.

We resonate with different things. What inspires us differ dramatically. Therefore a leader who can relate effectively to a large variety of audience, and can do so with a broad range of concepts and topics, is a leader that can rally large and diverse teams to deliver meaningful and impactful results.

Relating better is #bossbetter.