What Skills Are You Working On?

Can you name what you are actually working on?

Most of us can’t, especially when it comes to work skills.

Here are 3 skills you may consider putting time into:

  1. sell
  2. tell stories
  3. herd genius
  4. We are all Sales:
    In life, you are constantly selling. You can break “selling” into sub-skills, such as negotiation, influencing, empathetic listening, jedi-mind-tricking, whatever.

The moment you start working on selling, you will start improving on one or more of those “sub-skills.”

Life is selling. Embrace it.

  1. Great stories sell ok products
    You know this is true. You know “story telling” is a critical skill. You just need to decide if you want to actually work on it.
  2. Herd genius
  • Diversity?
  • Hire people smarter than me?
  • Create an environment where the best ideas win?
    That’s why you need to get great at herding genius.

Nothing new here, you may think.

Yea, so can you name what you are actually working on?