The Number 1 Suffering At The Workplace

Recently I have been coaching a lot more.

Because I have joined an on-demand coaching platform.

And this is the #1 suffering I have witnessed – “My boss does not appreciate me.”

I have had many conversations where my clients were in tears. 

They felt humiliated, ignored, unappreciated, unwanted. 

They questioned their self-worth.

They felt injustice AND helpless. 

These feelings spilled over into their lives outside of their offices …

Because a manager made a careless comment, or neglected a budding rift amongst the team, or weaselled out of a difficult conversation …

Bosses, we are bosses, and we have bosses. That means we already know what it feels like to have a good boss, that we actually know how to be a good boss. We just need to work harder to not be a bad boss. 

Base on all the coaching conversations I have had, here are 3 things “good bosses” can do, so then you don’t slip into becoming a “bad boss” and wreck souls:

1. Shut up for a tad longer, when you feel the urge to speak.

2. Involve a tad more, when you feel the urge to leave it to the team.

3. Stay in a conflict a tad longer, when you feel the urge to run away.

Go. Just try to be less of a bad boss. You will be surprised how much contentment you will be able to bring to others. Trust me.