A Simple 2×2 Grid To Manage Performance

A simple 2×2 Grid that transforms you into a better staff / boss: 

Both sides fill the boxes out:
✍🏻What do you expect from yourself? 
📝What do you expect from your boss/staff?

Then, go through these 3 steps:
❶ Where are the gaps?
❷ Which gaps can be narrowed by re-aligning expectations?
❸ Which gaps can be narrowed by adjusting performance?

The grid is not only for the staff to change. Both sides should take actions to close the gaps:

Sometimes the boss needs to change her expectations. 
Sometimes the boss needs to perform better 
(e.g. share information more timely)

In fact, the two can truly become one when they use the grid together. ☯

Lastly …
– Use it in every “one on one” discussions
– Use separate grids for individual goals/tasks 
– Use the grid at the before, during, and after.
– Save all versions of the grid. They are fantastic artifects of the evolution of their relationship. 

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