Building In Public: Jan 2021

I am building in public.

In 2019, I left my comfy corporate life and began my career as a solopreneur.

Yes. I am 20 years late and I am that odd old guy, sitting in the front of the lecture hall, trying to keep up with those zealous and youthful undergraduates.

– I post everyday on LinkedIn.

– I muse about the mundane work life, start-up life, and marvel at the psychology of being a boss and be bossed at.

– I rant about why deliberate leadership practices are gold, and battle-tested ways to hone our leadership game. (aka #bossbetter)

Hook, fish, hoard:
– I should house these content somewhere. My work site, or a new blog?

– There needs to be easier ways for others to stalk my work.

– A weekly newsletter where I poke fun at work and bosses, seems like a logical option.

– I might need to create a few more venues for others to follow my work in their favorite platform at their ideal pace. Instagram? Facebook? Twitter? TikTok? Bytedance? Medium?

– If I go down the above path, it seems sensible to create video content.

They don’t seem to fit given the different nature of the medium and the work involved.

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