4 Techniques to Build Your Team’s Confidence

How are you growing as a boss? One clear indicator is how “skilled” you are at strengthening your team’s confidence.

You know, that feeling of “we are not afraid to confront this hard problem and we think we can solve it.”

And we need to practice this “skill.”

Self esteem comes from accumulating evidence of completing something that is important and hard.

Consider these 4 practices:

1. Find them often:
Where are the important tasks?
Where are the hard tasks?

2. Assign them wisely:
Get great at assigning important tasks that are “right on the edge of their current abilities. Not too hard. Not too easy. Just right.” (From Atomic Habits by James Clear)

3. Point them out, explicitly, repeatedly:
Look, this is an important task.
Look, this is a hard task.
Look, you are doing an important and hard task.

4. Stay close to your team throughout the tasks and …

Offer observations.
Reduce confusion.
Give hope.
Remove some roadblocks.
Offer some resources.

Work diligently; #bossbetter.