3 Elements of Good Bossing

Here are a few elements of good bossing.

They are cheesy, but important.

Find a room and spend some time with them privately:

1. “Don’t Just Lead, Lead Well”

When you cook, you make sure your food tastes good. When you play tennis, you will try to play well.

What about when you lead? From 0 – 10, how well do you think you are leading?

How often do you systematically review how well you are leading?

What does “leading well” mean to you?

2. “Reading Tentative is the New Listening”

Go and review recent text messages and email exchanges you had with others.

From 0 – 10, how good a listener are you when it comes to messaging?

How often do you get through a bunch of messages with a bunch of people simultaneously?

How much care and patience do you put into reading and replying them?

3. “Knowledge is Useless Until It Descends Into Habits”

How effective are you guiding your teams convert knowledge into individual and team habits?

Do you tend to preach, teach, or preach + teach?