A Fish Spatula

This is a fish spatula.

It does one job really well – turn fish.

The feeling of flipping a piece of fatty salmon on a grill flawlessly is magical.

I often wonder who on earth decided to create this thing? Someone had to grill a ton of fish, got extremely annoyed, and decided to create a tool that looked like a foot, just to turn fish fillets.

Then others use it to flip other soul crunchingly sticky food.

Such as eggs.

Or tofu.

Ok. Here comes my lame attempt to link a fish turner to something LinkedIn-appropriate.

The effective bosses I have worked with all had their own bag of tricks, from a collection of odd mindtricks to influence people to an alchemy of ways to spin data and insights.

More often than not, they came up with these specialized “tools” on their own out of desperation.

Not from books, not from Masterclass videos, but from repetitive and difficult situations they were stuck with.

They borrowed, stole, tweaked, synthesized.

Until they created their own odd but perfect tools – their own fish turner.

So yea, if you think your solution to that annoyingly sticky problem is a bit odd, you are probably on the right track.

Work diligently and #bossbetter.