Mastering Motivating Others

Some say, the true source for motivation is the trifecta of “autonomy,” “purpose,” and “mastery.”

When we experience all three, we want to hop out of bed and get to work.

Yet, one of them, is particularly hard to create. Mastery.

Mastery takes a lot of effort. It takes discipline. It’s often a life time of grinding.

And mastery doesn’t just happen with effort. It takes wit too.

Plus, mastery is not only hard, it is not fully within our control, because we don’t always get to work on skills that we truly care about. Frankly, I was never that proud of mastering the keyboard commands to create pivot tables.

As bosses, what can we do? What are the leadership techniques to let our teams experience the highs and endure the lows of the journey of mastery?

That’s the kind of craft I think bosses should try and master.

Work diligently and #bossbetter