5 Reasons Why You Should Get Your Teams Christmas gifts🎄

1st, giving good gifts is one hell of an exercise to up your leadership game. Or love game. Or parenting game. (hey don’t hate the player. Just trying’ to make this LinkedIn-proper)

2nd, coming up with the right gifts works the brain. What does Eric like? Does Sharon have this cookbook already? Sophia hates my guts and nothing I get for her would be appreciated.
#problemsolving ✅

3rd, gifts making/buying is real hardwork: endless strolls 🚶🏻 up and down malls; aimless scrolls 🖱 up and down websites.
#perseverance ✅ 

4th, who doesn’t brag about having a boss who kills it at dishing out cool gifts? 
#bossbetter ✅

5th, hey, we all deserve extra love and care to wrap up 2020!
#empathy ✅

Make use of the next 3 weeks and find your teams gifts. Don’t half-ass it. Try your best to get gifts that don’t suck (👋🏼gift cards 🙅🏻virtual-signalling self help books). After all, “to give is to make an imaginative journey to put oneself in the mind and the anticipation of another.” 

Even if all fails, “it is the imagination behind the thought, and the effort in making this imagination tangible, that truly counts.” #compassion

Mmhmm, you can’t lose,🎅🏼.