Gifts From My Bosses

It’s Saturday. You should go shopping…. The “Understand Rap” book was a gift from a boss who used to drive me crazy. He was vocal, a bit of an ass, and nudged and pushed in very creative ways. He opened my mind to many different things. That Christmas, he gave me this book, said I should learn rap, because “I needed to get out of my little sardine can…” This book still makes me giggle.

The smaller bottle of whisky in the second photo was another Christmas gift from another boss. That year I started to drink a bit more . My boss somehow caught wind of that and got me this bottle of “Nikka Whisky.” It came in this charming glass bottle. It felt precious. “Don’t drink this at work … alone,” was the message. Every gift this boss got for us was always thoughtfully mischievous. These gifts were meaningful not only because they exemplified who our boss was, they added complexion to my understanding of the person- an impassioned rebel with a big heart.

Gifting at work is a risky bet. I have had many gifts from bosses that were mere virtual signalling. It takes a lot of effort. So get on with it. It’s Saturday, and you have 2 more weekends to get those gifts.

Go, #bossbetter Santa.