What Can You Work On If You Are Not A Creative Boss?

“I can’t come up with breakthrough ideas.”

“I am not that creative.”

This is a worry many bosses share. The good news is …

There is another route for you to be a creative boss. It’s our ability to manage innovation.

You see, we don’t have to be the ones with the greatest ideas. We just need to be the ones who make the greatest ideas come true.

Here is how.

As bosses, we have the unique positional power and accountability to affect the following:

– How can we create the best environment for our teams to come up with the best ideas?

– How do our teams debate and discuss?

– How do our teams execute?

– How do our teams evaluate and iterate?

– What are the roadblocks that only I can remove for the teams, so they become maximally innovative?

Therefore if we work on becoming good at leading debates, analysing options, executing, etc, we too can come up with breakthrough ideas.

So instead of trying to become the next Picasso or Steve Jobs, let’s work on becoming a fantastic leader of a team of Kanye Wests.


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