Interview Questions Recruiters Never Told Me

Academics and recruiters talk a lot about hiring & interviewing.

But interviewing in the real world is quite different. 

I wish they warned me of these interview questions that made me cry:

1. “What were the names of the people you have met before this interview?”
I was in my last round and this was the first question she asked me. I did not make an effort to remember the names of people I have met.

I was startled and began to crumble. I never recovered. I did so poorly the recruiter told me I didn’t get the job via a text sent by his assistant. 

2. “What do you hate about your company?”
I used the “turn everything into opportunities to gloat” tactic. I talked about how I struggled with presentations and used those into opportunities for growth and became really great at it. My interviewer told me I wouldn’t be hired because he wouldn’t want to hang out with me at the airport waiting for a delayed flight. 

3. “I am not performing. You need to fire me. Go.”

“What?” I asked.

“What what? Boss?” 

“Er, are we role playing?”

“Well, you asked me to come to this meeting.”

“Oh. Er, wait, time out, please?”

“Time out? Boss, what do you mean?”

I wanted to cry. I might have actually cried. 

How about you? What interview questions threw you off?