What Kills Our Team’s Creativity?

Our opinions.

Including our “just a thought” “just my 2 cent” opinions.

According to science, the “information gap theory of curiosity” discovers that in order for humans to want to search for more, to push forward, we need a little gap between what we know and what we don’t know.

Because this special gap invites one of the most esoteric thing we all crave – curiosity.

There is no quicker way to snub curiosity than “knowledge.” More precisely, we as bosses must know when our “thought” will leave no gaps to fill, no questions to answer.

I am sure we have all been in discussions where the entire conversation shape-shifted the moment the boss dropped in his or her opinion.

Even if it was “just 2 cent.”

How am I perceived as a boss?
What is the weight of my words?
Where is the team at in this discussion?
How am I working on mastering the craft of “chiming in as a boss?”

Shut up, and #bossbetter 🙃