Are You Distracting Your Teams?

Boss, what is your “signal to noise” ratio?

Do you tend to focus or distract your team?

We are all familiar with the typical distractions …
– Boss’ rants
– Drawing attention to ourselves
– Derailing the agenda with poorly timed statements – “Let me jump in.”
– Asking your team if they have liked your #bossbetter LinkedIn posts

There are two types of distractions I have found particularly disruptive:

– Excessive reviewing -> Dragging the team to dwell on what has already happened
– Obsessive planning -> Wasting the team’s attention on what is about to happen

We all have tendencies. For example, I tend to be overly anxious and tend to ove rplan. My teams hated planning with me (my god this is the fifth time he is asking about what we should do with our left hand). 

What about you? 
Are you more “signal” or more “noise”?
What are your tendencies? 

Let me finish this with a quote I have found helpful:

“The greatest lapses in concentration come when we allow our minds to project what is about to happen or to dwell on what has already happened.” (W. Timothy Gallwey, The Inner Game of Tennis)

Is this quote “signal” or “noise”?