Musk Said There Were Too Many MBAs

Elon Musk said we should spend less time in meeting rooms with PowerPoint presentations and more time on factory floors and with customers. So many of us loved what he said. So why aren’t more of us doing that? Is it because all our bosses are idiots and dumb business suits?

Admit it. We all want to eventually get to our corner offices, where we can earn big bucks by attending meetings and telling people to “go back to the last slide.”

Working on the sales floor is rough. I have no idea what factory floors are like but I am sure they are worse than the carpeted floor in my office.

Interacting with customers is exhausting and unpredictable. It is definitely more enjoyable to sit in a conference room sipping coffee and interacting with spreadsheets.

In fact, I struggled with it. It was tough to be on the sales floor. It’s hard not to lose faith in humanity when I had to be insulted by a customer because of a broken telephone. I so wanted to earn it, to graduate, and have my own admin assistant.

So before you share Musk’s buzzwords, make sure you know what you really want. I think it’s totally ok to admit that we like our adjustable desks. Otherwise, it’s just another posturing. #bossbetter