Why Hire Me?

Today is Boxing Day and I still need to post something. This is what I have signed myself up for- post everyday … Alright, let’s go. It has been 1.5 years since I started selling myself. I said I coach leadership. I thought that was clear enough. Yet, people are still confused, “what exactly do you offer?” Argh. ‍

So, what do you think of this pitch?
– I offer 1 on 1 coaching to founders and leaders.
– I learned leadership from building, coaching, leading teams of leaders at companies like Nike and Apple for 20 years.
– I believe the best leaders #bossbetter by relentlessly refining how they notice, think, and respond.

Only when we become clearer of what we are, we truly begin to yield our true selves and tap into our potential.

It’s like when you realise you are, say, a hammer you then understand you should stop trying to slice and work on becoming the best at hitting nails.

When you hire me, I bring 3 things to you (and your teams):
1, framework to become more precise in knowing how you think and feel (find your hammer)
2, practices to hone your responses and decisions (get good at hitting nails)
3, knowledge and insights from leading & delivering results at fancy brands (learn what nails to hit)

What do you think?