I Led Some Large Teams

I led some big teams, such as the store , which had ~500 humans trapped inside it. I used to joke that if our entire store needed to go onto an overseas trip, we would have to charter a 747 and a squadron of private jets.

I was bad with names. Yep, I was one of those “oh I am really bad with names” managers.

But people was my business. “I am bad with names” basically meant “Your name doesn’t deserve my effort.” It’s as bad as an accountant who says “I am bad with numbers.”

#bossbetter? ‍

So I put names into spreadsheets. I experimented with all sorts of hacks, from memory palaces to all the Anki varieties available on Earth. I repeated people’s names way too frequently in conversations.

Yet I am still bad at it. I still need to exert effort to retain names. They still don’t come naturally to me. But I am glad I have worked on creating this dot, albeit a tiny one.

I might not be great with a lot of names, but since my interactions nowadays are mostly one to one, my work around remembering names allowed me to become very good at remembering a lot about … one name.

What did I learn? There has to be dots to begin with. They don’t magically show up. We have to work on creating dots. Faith should come next.