Leading New Apple Product Launches

Apple announced new iPhones. Its stores awaken, roar into motion, and prepare themselves for the most complex human activites on Earth. This is no hyperbole. Hear me out.

Everyday, how do we:

Unbox thousands of phones before the store opens
Get them into the hands of thousands of customers

Make 10,000 customers feel cared for (what does “cared for” really mean, btw?!)
Keep the 10,000th smiles on our teams’ faces genuine
Help our teams feel eager answering “how much is it” for the 10,000th time
Probe hundreds of teammates to uncover their feelings
Build enough trust so our teams feel safe to tell us what they really think about everything (including you)

How do we:
Teach to our managers?
Help them recover from frustration after their plans got revised for the 100th time
Help them feel purposeful after failing repeatedly to get our teams to just smile
Re-energize them after yet another customer complain
Lead them to remain faithful in their journeys of tribulations and growth

How do I:
Remain genuine after saying the 10,000th “thank you” to the team
Unite hundreds of teammates, security guards, cleaning teams, moment after moment
Stay clear minded, hopeful, energised, doing all of the above, day after day

This is for one store in one day.

And I love the iPhone 12 Mini.

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