Leading the New Normal

In 2009, the company I worked for went through a re-organization and laid off a bunch of folks. The news of a massive downsizing was announced, and before the big bosses figured out how to translate the numbers into actual humans, we had to show up everyday to work, attend meetings, schmooze at the water coolers, as if things were okay.

Then it happened. Entire teams were let go. Regional offices were closed. We could do nothing but sit and wait, while trying to piece together reality through the never-ending rumours and gossips.

Afterwards, all we could think of, were questions such as …

“How can we do the same job with half the headcount?”
“How come he stayed and she didn’t?”
“I feel guilty feeling grateful.”
“How can I trust my company/you again?”


Napoleon said, “The leader’s role is to define reality, then give hope.”

To that end, as leaders, in order to define reality, we must first know what reality is; before we could give hope, we must first find hope.

And we have to do it on our own. There is no one else. You are the boss, right?

So, to all of you who need to define yet another “new normal” for your teams in this strange 2020: 👊🏼