Stop Asking For Solutions- Ask For These 3 Things Instead

“Don’t come to me with problems, come to me with solutions!”
This lazy directive is a perfect opportunity to **#bossbetter**.

I get it- We say this because we genuinely want our teams to sort stuff out. We want them to care more and think harder. We actually need their solutions and ideas too.

Yet, this is the kind of positive bullshxt that turns teams into little chickens who are risk adverse, only share good news, and are fixated on being less wrong.

Here is an alternative:
“Come to me with options.”

Think of the affect this might have- “ Boss will work things through with me.”

Better yet, try:
“Come to me with options and the possible outcomes.”

“ Boss wants to enhance my decision quality/outcomes!”

By nudging them to consider impact, you are guiding them to learn the dynamics of the organization and the business.

For maximum effect:
“Come to me with options, the possible outcomes, and what you might need.”

“ Boss will bring things only boss can bring, such as boss-level perspectives, organisational know-how, and resources!”

Wait, but am I doing their job? Only if you are planning to be the one choosing and executing those options.

Go, boss.