How Bruce Lee’s Correct Posture Help Me Lead

As a Bruce Lee worshiper, I use his teachings to approach my work life.

1st, Bruce Lee on “correct posture🥋:”

Correct posture 1 = To be “mechanically favorable for the next move:”

What does “favourable” mean in the people, systems, and processes of my business?

How agile are they?

Which of those can I afford to lose?

Correct posture 2 = Maintains a “poker body” that reveals no more of its intended movements:

Do my actions distract?

Am I showing more than what’s needed in a sales pitch?

Am I probing too much when I meet someone new?

Am I under-sharing when trying to poach a superstar?

Correct posture 3 = Create tension most favorable to quick reaction and high coordination:

What combo of metrics (e.g. sales per hour + NPS?) empower us to choose quicker AND better?

How long does it take us to argue ferociously and effectively?

Are we uncomfortable enough?