2 Things On Reflecting Better

We suck at looking at ourselves clearly.

That’s why some old wise folks concluded, “Hindsight is 20/20.” Similarly in Chinese, we say, “those who are in the game are confused.” (當局者迷, 旁觀者清)

So if you want to get the biggest bang for the buck in growth, invest in these two things immediately:

1) Level Up reflection. You must form a habit of practicing reflection. You must improve on the speed and accuracy of your reflections. You must have a framework and improve upon it continuously. If you don’t have one, consider these two:

The “Stop | Start | Continue” Method:
– Among my last actions, what should I stop doing?
– What did I not do and should start doing?
– What worked and I should continue doing?

The 4 Questions Method:
1. Scenario:
What happened?
2. Actions & Thinking:
How did you approach it? What were the whys behind your choices?
3. Outcome:
What was the result and impact?
4. Learning:
What would you do differently and why?

2) Create your spectators. Surround yourself with “spectators” that can observe and assess you. You will need to build and evolve your cohort of critics. You will learn to ask for specific feedback. You will learn do discern signals from noises.

Both of these is the work of a life time. So start now, commit to the practice, and #bossbetter.