Stop Looking For Passion

This week I railed against “find you purpose” and “be authentic.” Today, we need talk about the ultimate prince charming- “Follow your #passion”/”do what you love.”

Many of us believe that we just need to find out what we are passionate about. Once we find our passion, our true love on a white stallion, everything else will just fall into place. Sure, but here is the problem: most of us don’t know our passion.

Even for those who believe they have found their true love, they still need something to get them through the day to day grind on the way to nirvana:
Before I get my six pack abs, I need to get through the sixth sit-up first.
Before my son can send rockets into space, he needs to get through his times table first.

Passion is a result of dedication, not the cause. And the most practical way to go about this?

Build upon our interests.

Interests are approachable. Interests invite exploration. They are ok with us being a little half-assed and non-committal. Meanwhile, passion is sacred, reverential, prim and proper. Interest is that cool not-so-serious buddy, while passion is Mr. Perfect.

Passion comes AFTER you try something, discover you like it, and develop mastery—not before.*

So help people build their hobbies. Cultivate their capacity for passion. #bossbetter!