Reality Santa 🎅🏼

Santa is your destiny, at home and at work. When parents trick their kids with the Santa story, all they are trying to do is to bring their children a sense of wonder some fun, and to coerce the kids to obey them by fabricating this elaborated hoax of a deer-domineering bigger old man who brings conditional love to all kids on earth.

Eventually, the kids would find out that everything was fake, that their parents fooled them.

As years go by, these kids will grow up, find their true love, start their own families.

Then they have kids of their own, and during their kids’ first Christmas, they finally get it. Now it’s their turn to become the Santas to their own kids; it is their turn to replicate the feeling of awe and delight (and exert control.)

As we finally become someone else’s boss, we have the same choice to make- Do I want to be the Santa for my team?

Think about it. A boss needs to create hope out of thin air. A boss needs to make the people feel recognised. These aren’t that different from a parent using the Santa story to get their kids to eat their broccoli. Yep, it’s objectively absurd and undeniably magical.

Bosses, let’s just embrace our destiny, put on that fake white beard, and become our team’s . It’s not that meaningless.

#bossbetter … ?

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