Act 2: The Sith Lords of GSDers

If Hank from Act 1 was the ultimate cheer leader Kate had to be the Sith Lord of party poopers.

Kate couldn’t get any group going. She just could not get herself to see the bright side of anything. She probably discovered the real identity of Santa at age 1.5. She was cynical about everything, including any company initiatives. “This season, we will be launching a new airbag. It’s another bag with air in it, and it will make you jump higher. Yay. Go Sell them.”

But she was a one of a kind GSDer. Kate had this amazing ability to turn the most negative people around. She once walked up to a teammate she didn’t really know and said, “one thing I am very good at spotting is shxt face. You choose to always wear a shxt face. WTF?” Yet somehow, after spending a month with this kid, she changed him. He became driven, got shxt done, and went after his goals.

Whenever I had trouble makers, I asked Kate for help. She would always look at me, roll her eyes, give me a shxt face, and then get it done.

I asked her what made her this good at winning the trust of trouble makers. She said, “Coz I am from the dark side- I am the ultimate trouble maker.”

Explore the dark side. Sith Lords get shxt done too.