Why Selling Is A Leadership Skill

When I worked for brands like Nike and Apple I was constantly challenged to sell the hyperbolic. Another new Nike Air Max? Sell it. A best iPad yet? Sell it.

Brand new Apple laptops with the new M1 chip that are 15x faster? Go!

How do you sell the benefits of 15x? How do I RELATE 15x to you?

The ability to make a story relatable is one element of good story telling (and a classic #bossbetter kind of hack). You can sell anything when your audience feel that you feel them, you are one of them, you understand them.

Let me give this a shot in public.

The new Apple M1 chip is 15x faster. How fast?

You know when you open up a game on your iPhone, it takes a few seconds to load? With this new M1 chip, it will not need to load. Just

Yes, clickappandplay.

Or it is like the first time I used steamed iron my wife bought me. In just one gentle stroke, it magically steamed away all the wrinkles on my shirts. It was so satisfying I ended up ironing everything in my closet.

This is the kind of fast we are talking about- power that let you do whatever the hell you want, performance that you know you can rely on, and speed that will make even the most mundane tasks absolutely irresistible.

How did I do? How would you sell 15x?