The Mechanism of Small Goals In Skill Building

Say if you want to learn to bake, you won’t begin with a flaming baked Alaska. You start with the humble cookie. Or if you want to complete a marathon, no one in the right mind would try to complete all 42 KM in their virgin run.

But why? What is going on here?

The feelings of control are often the first things to go, especially when we try to tackle too much at once.

For example, the first step of making a flaming Alaska involves the making of a “glossy, soft-peaked meringue.” I don’t know about you but I have zero confidence in my abilities to whisk egg whites.

The same is true for leadership. If we want to strengthen how we lead, we should start small.

However, from what I have witnessed, most leaders try too much too soon. How come so many of us try too much too soon when it comes to leadership skill?

Because we don’t know how to break leadership skills into smaller chunks.

Can you break “decision quality” into meaningful chunks so your leaders can approach it step by step?

Or Can you explain to a novice presenter where to start? Hand gestures? “umms and ahhs?”

Or how do you work on … “open mindset?”

What about you? How did you hone your leadership skills?