Coaching Superstars

What is the #1 challenge of founders/leaders I work with?

Help superstars break through.

High performing superstars plateau too. They stall at the edges of their will and abilities too. They need help too. How do we make the best of the best better?

1. Superstars grind different

Superstars learn, practice, and persevere differently. You must understand how they work.

You need to be able to relate to their one-of-a-kind drive and work ethics.

2. 1% instead of 10%

You are not going to take a superstar who’s already great and increase their abilities by 10% or whatever. It’s just not going to happen.

Instead you are looking for that sacred 1% incremental gain.

3. Transform one of their foundational skills

Michael Jordan was already the best scorer and best defender in the NBA, yet he failed to win an NBA title for the 6th straight year. He could have continued to work on his shooting or his speed, but instead, he decided to work on body. He wanted to fundamentally change his body into one that was stronger, faster, and less prone to injuries. He hired the legendary fitness coach Tim Grover and went on to win 6 championships.

How do you coach your superstars?