Stop Asking For “Open-ended” Feedback

The second worst thing you can do, when it comes to asking for feedback, is to be too open-ended.

If you want strawberry ice cream, saying “I want ” won’t get you your .

So next time when you want feedback, remember 🍦 and take control of the narrative:

1️⃣ The Past: State what your specific goals are- “I was trying to work on my body language.”
2️⃣ The Present: Be specific in your ask- “How did you find my body language? What were the moments that my movements were distracting?”
3️⃣ The Future: Seek partnership- “Next time when I present, could you look at my body language and give me critical feedback?”

1. I am working on creating succinct and useful posts.
2. Please rate the layout of my posts- = “nope.” =“OK lah.” =“love it!”
3. Can you give me feedback on my future posts?