Why You Should Fake Humility

We want to appear humble because it is a sparkly clean and “LinkedIn appropriate” virtue. If Commodus in “The Gladiator” was humble, his apathetic Dad Marcus Aurelius would have approved him, and no one had to suffer the pillow of death.

Yet humility is hard. It is an alchemy of honesty, curiosity, and courage- some of the most elusive virtues in the galaxy.

Worst, the side effect of fake humility is hypocrisy, a reputation-ruining tattoo that no managers want on their foreheads.

I want to convince you that there is a way to “fake humility till you make it.”

Broadcast your learning to your teams. The key here is you must only share things you’ve learned from them. Not from a book, not from one of Gary Vaynerchuk’s rally cries, but from your teams. Commit to doing this every day.

1st, committing something in public improves your chances of achieving it. Most of us aren’t completely shameless.

2nd, when you only share things you learn from them, you will start to taste the feeling of discovering excellence in others. Once you have tasted the greatness in others, you can’t help but be humbled.

Once you have tasted real Kobe beef, you can’t go back.

Trite? Perhaps, but this makes you #bossbetter.