Why Should We Talk About Trump & Biden At Work?

Ok, it’s Monday. This Monday is unique, because there is an in the room- the election. Should we talk about politics at work? Well, we don’t always get to decide …

What if your teams don’t agree with what your company thinks matter?
What if YOU don’t agree with the stance of your company?
And you still have to lead everyone through all of the above?

In effect, we are trying to answer that notorious interview question “Tell me a time where you have to uphold a policy or lead a strategy that you do not agree with.”

I have found two approaches that seem to work:
1. “I choose to believe the best team players would execute a decision with maximum effort, regardless of their original position. As a leader if that’s what I expect from my team, I better demonstrate the same, ESPECIALLY with decisions I disagree with.”
2. “I believe in the power of community. I also understand the difficulty of nurturing communities. One of the biggest difficulties is to embrace differences, or to be more precise, to hang on to our similarities in the midst of disagreements. I plan to practice this every day. Shall we practice this now? Despite our differences, what do we all share?”

How about you? How do you answer this question?

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