Sales – Underrated

I am a sales. I never felt comfortable admitting it, until recently.

I have been binging podcast episodes from REVEAL by Gong

I get to listen to people geeking out on end of quarters chants, targets love stories, pipeline witchcrafts, leads magic, sales cycles hacks, and “revenue pros'” folklores. 

I love it. 

Sales is interpersonal.
It is is substantial.
It is measurable.
It is great fun, like, rollercoaster ride kind of fun.
It is a lifestyle.

And … 

Selling as a team is the closest thing to teams sport. It is the last dance for many of us. 

At the end of every REVEAL episode, the hosts, Devin Reed and Sheena Badani, would ask their guests to describe sales in one word. 

The answers were like candies from the guts of a piñata. They were so cheesy and absolutely delicious.

What is my one word to describe the holy profession of sales?


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