Possibilities VS Probabilities

Have you led meetings where there were too many “ideas” from your team? That you couldn’t land on a decision without disappointing someone? That you wondered if you were too “democratic?” Here is an approach to lead through this. Often when we discuss strategies and actions, we tend to focus on what’s possible:  What are… Continue reading Possibilities VS Probabilities

Don’t Just Give the Why: Give Context.

Don’t just give the why. Give context instead. It’s a more useful leadership skill. Why? Well, often we need to move goalposts in order to get after the why. Giving context is a good way to justify goalposts moving to our teams. What’s the difference between giving the why vs giving context? When we explain… Continue reading Don’t Just Give the Why: Give Context.

Sales – Underrated

I am a sales. I never felt comfortable admitting it, until recently. I have been binging podcast episodes from REVEAL by Gong.  I get to listen to people geeking out on end of quarters chants, targets love stories, pipeline witchcrafts, leads magic, sales cycles hacks, and “revenue pros’” folklores.  I love it.  Sales is interpersonal.It is… Continue reading Sales – Underrated

FaceTime Has a Branding Problem

It’s not serious enough for work. Apple’s FaceTime is actually fantastic for one-on-one virtual meetings- it is very easy to use, secured, and reliable. Yet every time when I suggested FaceTime, the other side would always say, “Oh I have never used it for REAL meetings.” It really didn’t matter if we actually needed the… Continue reading FaceTime Has a Branding Problem