How Bruce Lee’s Correct Posture Help Me Lead

As a Bruce Lee worshiper, I use his teachings to approach my work life. 1st, Bruce Lee on “correct posture🥋:” Correct posture 1 = To be “mechanically favorable for the next move:” What does “favourable” mean in the people, systems, and processes of my business? How agile are they? Which of those can I afford… Continue reading How Bruce Lee’s Correct Posture Help Me Lead

Are You Distracting Your Teams?

Boss, what is your “signal to noise” ratio? Do you tend to focus or distract your team? We are all familiar with the typical distractions …– Boss’ rants– Drawing attention to ourselves– Derailing the agenda with poorly timed statements – “Let me jump in.”– Asking your team if they have liked your #bossbetter LinkedIn posts There are… Continue reading Are You Distracting Your Teams?

How You Make Them Feel

“I love you?” He asked.  “I guess not.”  He was respected by many. I found him manipulative.  He was the kind of bosses who would go full-on “Maya Angelou” and preach, “It’s how you make people feel!” Yet somehow, I would always feel good after chatting with him, after being in meetings with him, even… Continue reading How You Make Them Feel

Reality Santa 🎅🏼

Santa is your destiny, at home and at work. When parents trick their kids with the Santa story, all they are trying to do is to bring their children a sense of wonder some fun, and to coerce the kids to obey them by fabricating this elaborated hoax of a deer-domineering bigger old man who… Continue reading Reality Santa 🎅🏼

Are You A “Pro”?

What makes a professional musician different from an amateur? What makes a professional nanny different from an amateur (like me)? Is it the skills? The experience? The DNA? Joe Hisaishi (久石讓), composer of the music of movies such as “My Neighbour Totoro” and “Spirited Away,” considers a pro as … 1️⃣ Professionals learn how to… Continue reading Are You A “Pro”?

Why Should We Talk About Trump & Biden At Work?

Ok, it’s Monday. This Monday is unique, because there is an in the room- the election. Should we talk about politics at work? Well, we don’t always get to decide … What if your teams don’t agree with what your company thinks matter?What if YOU don’t agree with the stance of your company?And you still… Continue reading Why Should We Talk About Trump & Biden At Work?

I Don’t Have Anxiety Because …

Today is a holiday. Time to light some candles, eat some cookies, and chill. Anxiety is the party pooper. I have a whole closet of ways to try to combat it. So I am going to unleash them today, so then I get to have a peaceful day off. “I don’t have anxiety because I… Continue reading I Don’t Have Anxiety Because …

Can I Coach Losers?

I love what I do because I get to have invigorating conversations with my clients. But this is a looming threat. I don’t think I am growing. My clients self-select. These are folks who understand the value of coaching. They are people who are willing to pay to get yelled at … They are committed… Continue reading Can I Coach Losers?

10 Quick Tips To Lead at Apple … ?

Here is the thing. Nobody expects “10 Quick Tips To Play Violin At Carnegie Hall.” Violinists spend hours perfecting their craft. There is no shortcut to great art. The same is true for leadership. Nobody should expect “10 Quick Tips To Lead at Apple.” Leadership takes hours of practices to master. There is no shortcut… Continue reading 10 Quick Tips To Lead at Apple … ?