Act 3: GSDers, Assemble!

We were in Xiamen, and one of us was thrown into jail. We were hosting a 6-day tradeshow (voluntary confinement)inside a convention center where hundreds of clients checked out new sneakers and sportswear.

Some of us got into a scuffle with a client. Cops were called, and they let the customer go. Our team was pissed and decided to stage a protest at the police station. Somehow, one of us, Xi, shoved a cop. The PLA (for real ) stormed the crowd and arrested Xi.

I was the most senior person left in the city. The government relations team demanded us to take care of it quietly. The PR team warned a looming PR threat – “US sportswear company disrespects China.”

We were lucky because James was there. He assembled his GSDers and jumped into action. He went to the police station alone and haggled for 24 hours straight. His right hand man shepherded the rest of the team. As we were about to get the cops to release Xi, James called his team and said, “We need Xi’s stuff from his hotel room. We don’t have his keys. Figure it out.” They did.

James, like Hank & Kate from Act 1 & 2, sucked at many things. I, suck at many things too. But we all can get some unique shxt done.

So in order to #bossbetter we must learn to uncover the GSDers in all of us.