How To Strengthen Mental Mobility – The Skill to Get Unstuck and Move Forward

My client Andrew runs a F&B group. He was trained as a chef. He opened his own restaurant 10 years ago, and now he owns a group of restaurants. In the span of 10 years, he went from someone who had to deal with avocados and spatulas to someone who how had to deal with… Continue reading How To Strengthen Mental Mobility – The Skill to Get Unstuck and Move Forward

Raise The Bar?

Let’s talk about the “bar.” You know, the “raise the bar,” “set high bars,” the “definition of excellence” bar. We have been told we need to set the bars high. While this is true, frankly, it is as useless as telling a smoker “you have to be healthy!” Here are 2 techniques to raise the… Continue reading Raise The Bar?

Run Agile Meetings

So much has been written about meetings.  There is 1 goal from having meetings – reduce confusion.  Yea, some calls it alignment or whatever but I prefer the word confusion. It is precise. Specifically, confusion stems from these questions:DOES EVERYONE KNOW…  – What the goals are?– Why the goals are the way they are? –… Continue reading Run Agile Meetings

Practice Curiosity

I have met curious folks that remained merely curious. I have met boring folks that were extremely skilled at being curious. Some say, creativity is more than just being curious. It is the capacity to be puzzled and annoyed. It is the ability to probe and ask useful questions. It is the doggedness of staying… Continue reading Practice Curiosity

Beefing Up Resilience

The fine-tuning of your understanding of triggers and reactions, is the biceps-curl of beefing up resilience. Or. You can work on your resilience- pay close attention to what triggers you and how you react to them, and then let common sense take over.