Lose Our Shxt At Work?

“Fuxk you guys, do whatever you want. You’re responsible!” Yelled Jobs after he let the team make iTunes available to Windows. *1 “This is a fuxking insult to everything I’ve done at this company … Get out of my office you two jerks!” Said Bill Gates after he let the XBOX team develop its own… Continue reading Lose Our Shxt At Work?

Hilter’s Authenticity

“Be authentic?” Well, did the world need Hitler to be more authentic? Anchoring our actions on “being authentic” is selfish, lazy, and unprofessional. It is tempting to use authenticity to justify our actions. “That’s just me being me.”That’s selfish. We care more about what we want. “I’m just giving it to him straight.”That’s lazy. We… Continue reading Hilter’s Authenticity

10 Quick Tips To Lead at Apple … ?

Here is the thing. Nobody expects “10 Quick Tips To Play Violin At Carnegie Hall.” Violinists spend hours perfecting their craft. There is no shortcut to great art. The same is true for leadership. Nobody should expect “10 Quick Tips To Lead at Apple.” Leadership takes hours of practices to master. There is no shortcut… Continue reading 10 Quick Tips To Lead at Apple … ?

Why You Should Fake Humility

We want to appear humble because it is a sparkly clean and “LinkedIn appropriate” virtue. If Commodus in “The Gladiator” was humble, his apathetic Dad Marcus Aurelius would have approved him, and no one had to suffer the pillow of death. Yet humility is hard. It is an alchemy of honesty, curiosity, and courage- some… Continue reading Why You Should Fake Humility