What Kills Our Team’s Creativity?

Our opinions. Including our “just a thought” “just my 2 cent” opinions. According to science, the “information gap theory of curiosity” discovers that in order for humans to want to search for more, to push forward, we need a little gap between what we know and what we don’t know. Because this special gap invites… Continue reading What Kills Our Team’s Creativity?

Practice Curiosity

I have met curious folks that remained merely curious. I have met boring folks that were extremely skilled at being curious. Some say, creativity is more than just being curious. It is the capacity to be puzzled and annoyed. It is the ability to probe and ask useful questions. It is the doggedness of staying… Continue reading Practice Curiosity

Building In Public: Jan 2021

I am building in public. In 2019, I left my comfy corporate life and began my career as a solopreneur. Yes. I am 20 years late and I am that odd old guy, sitting in the front of the lecture hall, trying to keep up with those zealous and youthful undergraduates. Content:– I post everyday… Continue reading Building In Public: Jan 2021

Beautiful Things Grow Out of Shit

“Beautiful things grow out of shit.” We forget that. We forget that the first iPhone prototype looked like shit. We forget that Da Vinci created so much crap that he was notorious for not finishing his work. Jony Ive put it the best – “ideas are fragile, almost by definition.” They are fragile because they… Continue reading Beautiful Things Grow Out of Shit