Act 3: GSDers, Assemble!

We were in Xiamen, and one of us was thrown into jail. We were hosting a 6-day tradeshow (voluntary confinement)inside a convention center where hundreds of clients checked out new sneakers and sportswear. Some of us got into a scuffle with a client. Cops were called, and they let the customer go. Our team was… Continue reading Act 3: GSDers, Assemble!

Act 1: The Get Shxt Done Tribe

For almost a year our store was like this, day after day. There were endless chaos. From customers to teammates, everyone was drenched in stench and dread. Hank’s specialty was motivation at scale. During those long days, Hank was the reason we endured. Everyday, he would hit the floor and do his magic. He fanned… Continue reading Act 1: The Get Shxt Done Tribe